It’s Friday… again! Where does the time go?

The subject of today’s post has surely seen it’s share of time. An old barn is now falling apart as the the elements, gravity and time itself begin to win the battle. I came upon this while doing a little rur-ex in Millenbeck Virginia, a small community along the Rappahannock River. This area has been a second home for me for more than 3 decades now. Like many older communities, modern times have arrived and many older structures are left to yesteryear. They do however provide a glimpse in the past and photo ops for folks like you and me. :-)

Camera: Nikon D5000

Lens: Nikkor 18-200mm 

Processing:  HDR Efex Pro -Photoshop CS5 – Photo Tools 2.6

Thanks for all the support, visits and comments. I truly enjoy interacting with each and every one of you.

Be safe and have a great weekend!

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32 Responses to Falling Apart

  1. Len Saltiel says:

    Great color and details Jimi. It’s pretty amazing that walls on the front of the house are still hanging on.
    Len Saltiel recently posted..The Balancing, Upside Down Elephant

  2. Curt Fleenor says:

    Falling apart is right Jimi – Nice shot!
    Curt Fleenor recently posted..Friday Phone Pic: Crimson Cascade

  3. Jan Winther says:

    Nice shot Jimi, Looks like a cool place to go shoot. We got some barns up there that are defying all laws of physics by still be standing.
    Jan Winther recently posted..Smokey…

  4. Edith Levy says:

    Really nice shot Jimi. Great colors. I’m always on the look out for old barns when I’m driving around in the country.
    Edith Levy recently posted..Venice Morning

  5. Nice work Jimi. Like the colors and textures.
    Steven Perlmutter recently posted..Say Cheese

  6. Ken Bello says:

    that red roof makes this a standout. Nice work!
    Ken Bello recently posted..Around Rochester – MERCURY

  7. That red roof is killer Jimi
    Mike Criswell recently posted..HDR Mafia… East Coast Chapter

  8. Dave DiCello says:

    Wow, really great catch here man, love the colors, so vibrant
    Dave DiCello recently posted..In the middle of it all

  9. Wow doesn’t even BEGIN to describe this great image! Love the details and textures here! A true case of where Mother Nature is winning her battle with the elements that’s for sure! Awesome image.
    Toad Hollow Photography recently posted..Genoa Bay

  10. Marc Collins says:

    I love the certain ‘beauty’ of an old building. Well captured Jimi
    Marc Collins recently posted..Muddy Harbour

  11. That rusted roof is nuts. Nice capture!
    Chris Frailey recently posted..Meet Nicole

  12. Max Bronson says:

    One of your best shots so far, Jimi. I love the rusty roof.
    Max Bronson recently posted..Man Ice Fishing On Haihe River

  13. A.Barlow says:

    Nice find man. Cool processing. Love the rust.
    A.Barlow recently posted..Red Cliff

  14. Wonderful image Jimi. What a great find!

  15. A great find indeed! Nicely processed and captured.
    denise ippolito/A Creative Adventure recently posted..Brush Presets Revisited…

  16. Wonderful! I love rustic old barns like this, and you captured it so well.
    Caryn Caldwell recently posted..Angled Cactus

  17. Jim Nix says:

    that’s a great find Jimi!
    Jim Nix recently posted..Takeoff – and some thoughts on Google+

  18. Ed Prescott says:

    Love old barns, they make the best subjects, great shot..:-)
    Ed Prescott recently posted..Macro Monday: Veggie Flowers

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