Happy Friday, everyone!

Another lightning fast week has come to a close. Here’s to a great weekend.

If you’re an early riser and a photographer you’ll occasionally find yourself caught between a rising sun and a setting moon.  Odd place to be, just me and my shadow.

I hardly ever do self-portraits and usually stay away from angles that have my shadow in the frame, but this particular morning was different.

Thanks so much for clicking by, I’ll catch up to you soon.

Safe travels!

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16 Responses to Me and My Shadow

  1. Wayne Frost says:

    Nice colors, Jimi.

  2. Len Saltiel says:

    Excellent composition and great morning light Jimi. Love the way the wall curves leading the eye. Even the shadow looks good ;)

  3. Eden says:

    Very cool, Jimi!
    Eden recently posted..Friday Favorites

  4. Mark Neal says:

    Great shot, Jimi. I was there last year but couldn’t quite capture that wall in a satisfying way. Your perspective is really fantastic. You must have got lucky since I know they seem to discourage the use of tripods there. :) Great likeness of you, by the way.
    Mark Neal recently posted..Back When Slides Were The Tops

  5. Rick Louie says:

    What a great photo! Nice to finally see all of you! :-)
    Rick Louie recently posted..A Day at the Track

  6. Edith Levy says:

    What a great image. I love this Jimi. Nice to see you in a photo…well kinda see you. I love the curving of the wall and its reflection.

  7. A.Barlow says:

    Nice job on this one man. Looks very cool.
    A.Barlow recently posted..Mischeif

  8. Great light, Jimi! I actually think by including yourself in this image it is better than if your shadow was not there – makes it unique after all!
    Mark Summerfield recently posted..Yellow Trillium (Trillium luteum)

  9. Ken Bello says:

    Ah, the hazards of photography when the sun is low in the sky. Great shot.
    Ken Bello recently posted..James McGarvey

  10. Chantal says:

    great idea Him
    Chantal recently posted..Bonaire 8

  11. Very nice self-portrait Jimi!

  12. Rich McPeek says:

    Very nice shot Jimi! Love the composition and lighting! Have a great weekend!
    Rich McPeek recently posted..Smithfield Street Bridge

  13. LensScaper says:

    Very well composed Jimi. The curve of the wall is terrific and leads straight to you. The Moon adds another dimension. Nice work.
    LensScaper recently posted..Freaky Friday

  14. Captain Kimo says:

    Love the shadow Jimi.

  15. Adam Allegro says:

    Cool shot Jimi. Great Leading lines here. Very creative!
    Adam Allegro recently posted..A Frigid Morning on the Beach

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