This past Summer (June 2012) I found myself at the Yankee Point Marina‘s boat yard in Lancaster Virginia, where many sailing vessels were in port for various maintenance and repair projects. Of the many sailboats I photographed, there were several that stood out for various reasons. One such standout was the Meridian Trek which hails from Marquette Michigan.

I recall thinking to myself that I was going to see what I could find out about the Meridian Trek since she was so far from her home port.

As often happens when you take hundreds and hundreds of shots, the photograph was simply gathering digital dust on a storage device until recently when I rediscovered it while looking back through some of my catalogs.

What I found out was that the Meridian Trek has been slowly working her way down the east coast, as shown on this XPlot Position Map.

Meridian Trek

The Meridian Trek Sailboat

It was so beautiful standing in the morning light with it’s wonderful color combination and what appeared to be a fresh coat of bottom paint.  Typical of facilities like this, you will see lots of clutter scattered about, so I blurred part of the image to keep the focus on the Meridian Trek.

I plan to track this yacht for some time and see where she ends up. Should it return to my area, I would surely make an effort to meet the owners,  Kim and Terrie Matthews and perhaps gain permission to board and learn more about their travels.

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4-4-2011 8-19-18 PM

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6 Responses to The Meridian Trek

  1. Edith Levy says:

    Cool shot Jimi. Love the way you’ve processed it.
    Edith Levy recently posted..A Sense of Place – A New Craft & Vision Release

  2. Len Saltiel says:

    Nice image Jimi. Cool processing with the focus my friend.
    Len Saltiel recently posted..City Walk

  3. Rich McPeek says:

    Very cool Jimi! Love the focus as well!
    Rich McPeek recently posted..Grandview Avenue

  4. James says:

    Cool shot Jimi. Blurring the background really brings out the color and shape of the sailing vessel.
    James recently posted..North Texas Road Trip–Anna Texas to Paris Texas

  5. That would be so interesting to find out her story. Great image Jimi. I hope that you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

  6. Andrew says:

    Very nice shot Jimi. I really like it. Happy New Year belated.
    Andrew recently posted..Tally peacocking like a twat