TGIF and welcome!

So glad the weekend has arrived, the past week has been… well, let’s just say that the post title is quite fitting. ;-)

Today we close out the week with and image from an old parlor organ manufactured between 1900 and 1910 by the Sterling Piano Company, founded in 1845. These old Sterlings were quite popular in their day. People would gather around the parlor or living room and sing along while someone banged out a few tunes from the sheet music of the day.  As you can see, this one is played out for sure.

Extra Large View

Imagine the stories that were told during the times when this instrument was still in service. Guess we’ll never know. :-)

Here’s a B&W conversion.

I’ve fallen a little behind on site visits so I’ll be catching up on some of your great works this weekend.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I wish you a fantastic weekend.

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25 Responses to Played Out

  1. Rich McPeek says:

    Great Jimi! Love the processing here! Have a great weekend!
    Rich McPeek recently posted..Night in the Burgh

  2. Dave DiCello says:

    I gotta go with the selective color here man, this rocks!
    Dave DiCello recently posted..Eye in the sky

  3. Len Saltiel says:

    You’ve outdone yourself on this one Jimi. The age of this organ really come through with the details and yellowing of the keys. Extremely well processed. Have a great weekend.
    Len Saltiel recently posted..King of the Concrete Jungle

  4. Edith Levy says:

    I love this image Jimi and the POV is excellent. I don’t know I really like both versions but the selective color in the monochrome is awesome.
    Edith Levy recently posted..iPhone Friday

  5. Mark Neal says:

    Beautifully done, Jimi. Both are great.
    Mark Neal recently posted..pseudo-HDR – The Old Warehouse District – Loading

  6. Adam Olson says:

    Nice processing Jimi! I like the color better but I usually choose colored images over B&W. I’m lame like that. Well done!
    Adam Olson recently posted..Broken

  7. Chris Nitz says:

    Nice use of selective color on the second image. Very cool set!
    Chris Nitz recently posted..Weekend Relaxer #8

  8. Great colors Jimi. Love the processing.

  9. Nice subject and composition. I really dig old and worn out stuff. Did you use a filter to make the front edge of the keys look sort of pastel-smudged or is that just the shallow DOF doing it’s thing?
    Andrew – The Unframed World recently posted..Photo Find: Tokyo Designs of Hidetaka Onoyama

    • Jimi Jones says:

      Hi Andrew. How goes, bud?
      Those keys were discolored and dirty to begin with. Processing via HDR Efex Pro enhanced that a bit. Lastly, there is a slight degree of Topaz Adjust to add a finishing touch.
      Jimi Jones recently posted..The Diner

  10. Jim Nix says:

    these are awesome Jimi nice work!
    Jim Nix recently posted..Flying proud

  11. I follow your posts via RSS feed and this one struck me as fantastic; I had to stop by and let you know. Great composition, exceptional processing. I prefer the top image a tad more but both versions work well. Nicely done.

  12. A.Barlow says:

    Nice find man!
    A.Barlow recently posted..Two In The Water

  13. I like the POV here Jimi. The straight-on view really works well here. Personally, I like the color version here (unusual for me, I know). Maybe a straight B&W or with just the organ stops in color would have changed my mind.
    Mark Summerfield recently posted..Ebenezer Bridge

  14. LensScaper says:

    The painterly processing is very effective in both of these. I like the selective colour one – the full colour version I personally find distracts slightly from the composition’s strength which is accentuated by the B&W versions. and the selective yellow tone helps to emphasize the edges of the white keys – and they do often ‘yellow’ with age…so somehow that seems entirely appropriate.
    LensScaper recently posted..Stairway to the Hay Loft

  15. Marc Collins says:

    Great processing on both images. I actually prefer the spot colour, which I’m not usually a fan of.
    Marc Collins recently posted..Beggars Belief

  16. Rick Louie says:

    Really digging the color version, Jimi!
    Rick Louie recently posted..Enjoying the Snow

  17. Wayne Frost says:

    Nice capture, Jimi. I like the full color version best.
    Wayne Frost recently posted..Church At The End Of The Lane

  18. Both of these are really nice Jimi. I love the processing of the first one and the mood of the second. Great job Jimi. Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. Cool photo, I love old things and the details … I greet

  20. Emily says:

    Do you play piano at all, Jimi? This is pretty rad that you got to check this out! It seems full of history … I’d be interested – despite its very, very old age – if it could still be used to play something.
    Emily recently posted..Hey Jude

    • Jimi Jones says:

      Hi Emily.
      This old baby was too far gone to even refurbish. As for my playing… unable to play an note. LOL A set of drums, now that’s another story but I never learned a thing about pianos and organs. ;-)

      Too bad this instrument was not discovered sooner, when some new life could have been breathed into it.
      Jimi Jones recently posted..Tanger Outlets

  21. Adam Allegro says:

    Wonderful Jimi. This piano has such history and personality. Well done buddy. I like both shots.
    Adam Allegro recently posted..A Grand View

  22. Ken Bello says:

    Great shot of a great subject, Jimi.
    Ken Bello recently posted..The QUAD