In a previous post entitled “The Autograph” I discovered a nice baseball related sculpture. After capturing some images I headed back to my vehicle and discovered this old fashioned wall mural just across the street. These were pretty standard during the early 20th century, as many companies branded the building that they operated from. You don’t see these as often these days and when you do, you can bet it’s on a very old building.

When you think of early automobile history, the Ford Motor Company often comes to mind. But Ford was certainly not alone. In 1903 an industrialist named A. P. Broomell started a company and produced it’s first auto, the Pullman.  The York Motor Car Company was born in York, Pennsylvania and operated in the building above.

The Pullman was designed to reflect the luxury of the railroad cars of the same name and were aimed at an audience of the rich and well to do.  Apparently this was a flawed strategy as the company had a few strong years but went bankrupt in 1917.

As fate would have it, while looking at motorcycles, another love of mine, I came upon a vintage Pullman within Laugerman’s Motorcycles  showroom, also in York. I could hardly believe this strange twist of fate. The vehicle is part of Laugerman’s “Memories” exhibit, and while not a car in the traditional sense, this panel style truck will certainly do.

The vehicle is surrounded by a wooden frame to keep the patrons at bay no doubt. :-)

Here is a side view of this true classic.

In this final image you get a sense of how this Pullman is displayed.

From a processing standpoint the first image was the most difficult, as I had to remove the many power lines that stretched across the image, right in front of the mural (of all places). The challenge was keeping the lettering and mortar joints of the bricks in some semblance of order.

The others were typical HDRs run through HDR Efex Pro, shipped over to CS5 and a slight curves adjustment added. The last image is a non HDR, straight off the camera.

Thanks for all your support and thanks for visiting!

Camera: Nikon D5000

Lens: Nikkor 18-200mm 

Processing:  HDR Efex Pro -Photoshop CS5 – Photo Tools 2.6 - Focal Point 2

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17 Responses to Pullman Automobiles

  1. Max Bronson says:

    That mural is awesome. It’s very well maintained. Is it on some kind to museum building?
    Max Bronson recently posted..Man Riding A Bike In Tianjin, China

    • Jimi Jones says:

      Hey, Max.
      The building seems to have a couple of small businesses within but most appears empty. No museum, just an old building from a by-gone era. There is another interesting one a block away that I’ll be posting about sometime soon.
      Jimi Jones recently posted..FDR Memorial Columns

  2. These are great Jimi. I especially like the old-time feel of the first one.
    Steven Perlmutter recently posted..A Cooler Season

    • Jimi Jones says:

      Thanks, Steven.
      I’ve started collecting these old mural shots, before they knock down all the buildings. :-) Just think, these were painted on by hand years ago,
      Jimi Jones recently posted..Run Aground

  3. Ed Prescott says:

    Pretty cool, you can’t beat the classics..:-)
    Ed Prescott recently posted..Wordless Wednesday

  4. Jim Nix says:

    I love old signs, and old cars. Well shot Jimi!
    Jim Nix recently posted..Oldtimer

  5. Dave DiCello says:

    Excellent work here Jimi, nice removal of all the lines and great processing!
    Dave DiCello recently posted..Summer treats

  6. Curt Fleenor says:

    Awesome images Jimi and great work on that first image removing the power lines!
    Curt Fleenor recently posted..Rivets

  7. I love these! The picture of the building really caught my eye, because I’ve always loved those kinds of old-timey paintings.
    Caryn Caldwell recently posted..Moonflower Closeup

    • Jimi Jones says:

      Hello Caryn, and welcome!
      There really is something about those old-time buildings and things from yesteryear that most of us love. :-)

      Thanks for your comment and thanks for visiting.
      Jimi Jones recently posted..Roadside Stand

  8. I guess that we all received the same memo about posting vintage vehicles this week! I love your processing choices on all of that spit shined metal. Don’t you just hate it when they keep you at arm’s length from the vehicles? Very creative, perspective work-a-rounds, Jimi.
    Barbara Youngleson recently posted..Remains of the Day

    • Jimi Jones says:

      Hi Barbara!
      I think we did all get some sort of memo or something. :-)
      It’s understandable that many of these rare vehicles are barricaded off. Let’s face it, some people are just too touchy-feely. I have a couple of photo shoots coming up on classic vehicles, so I’m looking forward to the freedom they will present.
      Jimi Jones recently posted..The Autograph

  9. Wonderful job Jimi! You did such a great photographing and processing these images. I really enjoyed reading your story too. I live fairly close to a city that had an Pullman plant. I’m not sure if they built the train car, but if not it was some type of train part.I had no idea that ever built an automobile.

    • Jimi Jones says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Phillip. Thanks for the kind words.
      Like you, I’d never heard of a Pullman car, other than the railroad models. It turns out that one model had six wheels, four on the front and two rear.

      This is one of the reasons I like digging into the stories behind the images, you always learn something interesting. :-)
      Jimi Jones recently posted..Roadside Stand